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  Top management of the company EKOINVESTA spol. s r.o. tells to the customers, the business partners and all the employees, in accordance with requisition of law and technical norms:
its major purpose in improving the customer´s satisfaction are high quality and user value deliveries , it is for company the basic requirement for customer´s satisfaction and the success in event with competition and it is the critical element for obtainment stable prosperity of company. It is also a necessity for stable perfection all the processes, who are affecting or are going to have a effect for the customer´s living environment.
The same can be accepted for processes in corporate domicile by using vehicles, by infrastructure development and by holding and improving the work environment for company employees–by management of all-kind garbage, first of all in those processes:
Top management of the company EKOINVESTA spol. s r.o. consider to essential in future to make perfect and make better those systems by actual minimalization of losses caused by poor quality distributions, so the company can be a coveted business partner and distributor.
Top management of the company EKOINVESTA spol. s r.o. in relationship to distributors means necessary to evolve with them active cooperation by setting out bilateral requests and their realization for higher quality effect of bought materials, goods and services for obtaining final product of high quality.

Commitment of Top management
Top management will ensure, to comply the commitment, by the means:
Commitment of personnel
All personnel realize, that a grade of their work affect quality of provided product or service and living environment. For fulfill this policy they covenant to correctly fulfill document procedures - prescriptions, work and control procedure, which leads their function in process of building, assembling and in manufacture of conduit parts.